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With mave metrics, you receive comprehensive insights without the invasive feeling. No cookies and no fingerprinting. We think that if you want to understand how your videos are performing on your site, you don't need to track your users. Instead, mave metrics tracks usage, providing valuable insights without compromising user privacy.
Open source
To prove we're care about privacy, we have open sourced the entire codebase. It's available and accessible on GitHub so anyone can check it out. We want to be fully transparent about how we track usage and what data we collect. You can read more about how it works on our blog: Open sourcing our video metrics.
Made and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺
We focus on minimizing data collecting: we don't just collect data - we collect only the data that matters, maintaining the fine line between understanding viewer behavior and respecting their digital boundaries. No unnecessary prying, no uncomfortable compromises.
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Our docs guide you through the process of embedding video, starting with simple steps for novices and advancing to manual configurations for experienced users. It outlines multiple hosting alternatives, including a default CDN, and highlights compatibility with popular web frameworks.
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