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What we've been up to in 2023

Rethinking how we integrate video

Beginning 2023 we released a new version of our player. But we figured it shouldn’t just be a player, there’s more to video besides the player. It was a complete rewrite, taking a lot of learnings from our previous version: we wanted to make sure we did it right this time.

Most of our efforts went into performance and stability. We didn’t want to make the video player feel like it was slower then native video, but still give you a lot of features and flexibility to make it your own. So we decided to provide multiple components, to integrate how you want it: <mave-player>, <mave-clip>, <mave-list> and <mave-upload> which gives you the ability to create a complete video experience, without having to compromise.

Once we had that covered, we figured we should add some features that we had been wanting to add for a while. We added support for subtitles, and we added themes. There’s even the possibility to create your own custom theme.

Here you can see it in action on the website of one of our recent customers, Sketch, who have been using our player since last year.

Another simple, yet powerful way to add video is using our x-mave-pop attribute feature. Adding this to any element on your site adds a way for your users to click on that element and pop that video player. It’s a great way to add video to your site.

We also added an easy way to add your own CTA at the beginning or end of a video, using custom HTML. We wrote a blog post about it.

Lastly, our focus has been a lot on subtitles and generating text. We now generate subtitles automatically in its original language, but also translate that to English. And we have some exciting stuff planned for next year to even make your video experience better using text.

Focus on European organizations

We’ve been working with various European organizations, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to help them with their video needs. But it’s not just video, but it’s also about managing video for multiple sites, with multiple people and teams. That’s why we’ve introduced Spaces, to easily scope each of your projects and manage them separately. Each space contains its own videos, settings, metrics, and users.

One of our customers, Volt, is able to manage their video content for multiple sites, easily switching between countries and teams.

And to make that possible, we have been updating our subprocessors not just to make it more reliable or secure, but to focus strongly on European privacy laws. This is an ongoing mission, as is our focus on sustainability.

Open sourcing our metrics product

Knowing how your video is performing can be essential for your business. That’s why we’ve been working on a metrics product, to give you those insights. We don’t want to track users or own any of your customers data. That’s why we decided to open source it, to give you the ability to see how its build or even host it yourself.

Read more about how we built metrics and how you can use it yourself.

Metrics Server
maveio/metrics-server on GitHub

Let’s keep improving video across the web

We’ve been busy last year, but we couldn’t done it without you. Your feedback and support has helped us tremendously. We’re proud to see all those integrations and people pushing the way we use video. We’ll be looking forward to 2024 and all the coming integrations, and the things we’ll be shipping to make it even better.

Published on December 19, 2023
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