European alternative to Vimeo
mave is a European video platform that provides smooth, cookieless video in just a few lines of code.
Privacy-first, open-source analytics to measure views.
From player to upload, including text and search.
Video across devices with various codecs and resolutions.
Automate subtitles, transcripts for accessibility and SEO.
Customize our player with our themes or create your own.
API Access
Deepen integration into your platform with our API.
Open Source
Find our open-source components on GitHub.
Opt for our CDN or integrate your own for content delivery.
Why switch to mave?
mave Vimeo
Hosted in Europe Yes Not guaranteed
Use of Cookies No Cookies Always
Themes Yes -
Upload Component Yes -
Technical Onboarding Included in custom plans -
Import Library Available for various providers -
Link Domain Included in custom plans -
Bring your own CDN Included in custom plans -
Open Source Partly open source No source available
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"Switching to mave has been a game-changer for our team. We can quickly add supporting videos to our documentation, product updates, and tutorials, and replace them on the fly without having to touch code or edit content. The ability to create our own custom theme has ensured that our design is consistent and refined, all without unnecessary bloat that would slow down our website."
Vladan Vukmanov
Lead Web Developer - Sketch
"Mave's platform, with its exceptional video streaming quality and user-centric design, aligns perfectly with our values of providing secure and high-quality internet services. It allows us to communicate more effectively with our community, educating them on important issues like digital rights and internet safety without compromising their privacy or security."
Twan Welboren
Commercie - Freedom Internet
"Volt has found an invaluable ally in mave, a proudly EU-built platform, for amplifying our message across Europe with clarity and reach. The platform's commitment to user privacy is paramount, ensuring that viewer data is handled with the utmost care and respect. Mave has empowered us to connect with our supporters and spread our vision for a united Europe more broadly."
Ruben Timmerman
EUR Website Lead - Volt
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Our docs guide you through the process of embedding video, starting with simple steps for novices and advancing to manual configurations for experienced users. It outlines multiple hosting alternatives, including a default CDN, and highlights compatibility with popular web frameworks.
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