Files component

The <mave-files> component extends the capability of embedding video-related content on your website by offering a highly customizable and user-friendly way to download specific renditions of the video. This component supports downloading audio-only files, subtitles, and the original video file, catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences.

<mave-files embed="{embed id}">
  <div name="mave-files-video">
    <div>MP4 Video</div>
    <div>Video | <span slot="date"></span> | <span slot="duration"></span> | <span slot="filetype"></span> | <span slot="size"></span></div>
  <div name="mave-files-audio">
    <div>Audio Track</div>
    <div>Audio | <span slot="date"></span> | <span slot="filetype"></span></div>
  <div name="mave-files-subtitles">
    <div>Subtitle File</div>
    <div>Caption | <span slot="date"></span> | <span slot="filetype"></span></div>

By making various file formats of video content directly accessible, <mave-files> not only enhances the accessibility of your website but also contributes to a better user experience. It enables users to engage with content in the format that best suits their needs or preferences.


Furthermore, offering subtitles for download can aid in comprehension and ensure that your content is inclusive. Similar to <mave-text>, integrating <mave-files> into your website can also have SEO benefits by making diverse content formats available for indexing, potentially driving more traffic to your site.

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