Get collections

GET https://api.mave.io/v1/collections

List all collections from a space. Requires the API token.

Query params

Param Type
page integer
per_page integer (max. 100)


  "current_page": 1, // the page you are looking at
  "data": [
      "created": 1683272297,
      "id": "zlb1cnE31EQetyx",
      "name": "test", // name of the collection
      "object": "collection", // type of the object
      "video_count": 3 // the amount of videos in this collection
      "created": 1683190633,
      "id": "zlb1cAvWg15i9NW",
      "name": "Collection",
      "object": "collection",
      "video_count": 0
  ], // all the collections that have been created
  "has_more": false, // the possibility whether there are more video embeds to retrieve
  "object": "list", // the type of object you're looking at
  "total_items": 2, // the total of video embeds
  "total_pages": 1 // the total pages that are available
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