Search component

The mave-search introduces the ability to search through video libraries. This component presents a search input field that suggests results as you type and displays the final search results in a mave-list component upon submission. The component is optimized for performance, ensuring quick response times even with large video libraries.


To use the mave-search component, you need to include it in your webpage with the necessary JWT token for authentication.

<mave-search token="your_jwt_token_here"></mave-search>

Optionally, you can specify the ID of the mave-list component where the search results should appear.



Property Description
token (required) Your JWT token for authentication.
list The ID of the mave-list component to display search results.

Event Handling

The component supports events for user interactions, you can listen to these events for custom behaviors or analytics.

Event Description
loading Triggered when a search is submitted.
ready Triggered when a user selects a search result.


The mave-search input field can be styled using standard CSS properties applicable to HTML input elements, allowing for seamless integration into any web design.

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