Update video

PUT https://mave.io/api/v1/videos/{id}

You can move a video to another collection. When providing null as collection, it will be moved to the root of the space (or when archived, to the root of the archive).

Request (optional)

  "name": "new name", // set new name
  "collection": "ubg50fRgMoWlCUU" // to move to another collection


  "created": 1643723737, // when this video embed was created
  "duration": null, // duration of the video
  "id": "ubg50apemJaHEYZ", // the ID if you want to store it for your user and possibly webhooks
  "last_upload": null, // when a video has been uploaded
  "name": null, // name of the file or chosen name
  "object": "video", // the type of object you're looking at
  "poster_image": null, // uploaded poster or first frame of video when uploaded
  "size": null // size of the video